Justice League

Justice League ★½

Watched on Blu-Ray

Certainly the best thing about Justice League is Sigrid's song "Everybody knows" at the beginning of this blockbuster, which is otherwise characterized by lousy storytelling and the worst CGI that I've seen in a blockbuster of this magnitude for a long time. Especially the end creates eye cancer.

The individual characters are given too little time, so that you can hardly develop a bond with them. Although the newly introduced Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) has some good jokes, there's still potential for an interesting solo movie and the cast of Jason Momoa is the best thing that could happen to the character Aquaman, but all in all, that's not enough. Cyborg is boring and I do not even want to start with Superman's resurrection with his smooth CGI chin and upper lip. Rarely have I heard so many excellent actors perform so much empty, embarrassing dialogues. You smell good. I mean: what the actual fuck?

The Villain is the most exchangeable fucking CGI guy you can imagine. How cool would it have been if you had let the Justice League compete against the rock band Steppenwolf. That would have had potential for an epic fight underlined with a nice soundtrack. Born to be wild! So it's only one of these world destroyers, as it has been several times - and always more memorable.

Despite some fun scenes that are all likely due to Joss Whedon's ability to write good one-liners, Justice League is a total catastrophe that nobody deserves. Certainly not the long-suffering fans of DC.

Nevertheless, I look forward with optimistic eyes to the DC future. Next Friday I'm going to watch Aquaman and I'm happy to see Jason Momoa as a cool hero again.

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