Rambo ★★★½

Watched on Blu-Ray

Puh, what the actual fuck?

Even in comparison to the last two over-the-top parts, the 4th installment is an inconceivably inhuman, cattle-raising killing spree by Sylvester Stallone, who, freshly sprayed and pumped up, slaughters through a war zone, as if there was no tomorrow, leaving a trail of human devastation behind.

RAMBO is so fucking brutal, ruthless and rabidly cynical that it almost borders on a self-parody, only that the laughter is drowned in blood. A story exists only rudimentarily, Sly gives a shit, it's only unnecessary ballast. That's pure excess. One should actually totally condemn it.

As a completely overflowing action-bopper, bursting at the seams with self-fulfilment, this monster exerts a bizarre charm. Simply because I can hardly believe that it was greenlit the way it is.

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