The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★½

Watched in the cinema

The Favourite was one of my most eagerly awaited movies this year despite it's my first Lanthimos. I enjoyed every second of it.

It's rare for a film to have such inconceivably polished, curious and clever dialogues, an artistic, amazing and yet digestible visuality, and a cast I couldn't decide who was best at. The music flatters the ear in one moment, in the next it makes you nervous. Artistic perfection and narrative refinement have not been so harmoniously united for a long time.

Historical material often tends to be staged in a rather conservative and joyless way. Only recently I had to experience this bitterly with Mary Queen of Scots. The Favourite, on the other hand, is full of lightness, enthusiasm and joy in the absurdly unusual.

The women in The Favourite are strong and weak, sexy and funny, evil and anxious. Just simply human. It is this humanity that makes this film so unique. This is sad of course, as it doesn't happen that often that such movies are made, but it's all the more enjoyable for everyone who can experience The Favourite.

Within these 120 minutes, the intrigues between the protagonists let the power positions change and at the end you are still not sure if there are "winners" in this game.

The last 20 minutes miss a bit of the momentum of the previous 100, but the last shot is pleasantly unpleasant despite its visual beauty.

I wish everyone who has participated in this film and is nominated for an award good luck. I grant it to everyone.

The term Instant Classic is stupid, but I could imagine that The Favourite will retain an enormous relevance over many years. At least I hope so.

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