The Witch

The Witch ★★★★½

Shocktober 2018 # 38

Watched on Blu-Ray

Even Sabrina would shit herself in these woods!

Intense film about the power of faith and the horrors of colonialism, sealed in a perfect drawn pentagram of fear.

Robert Eggers has a keen sense for unpleasant moods every second. The ancient language, the desaturated colors and the sinister music create an incomparable dense atmosphere. The film refuses any Hollywood aesthetics and offers a slow, but for me extremely successful tension. This voice in the end gave me the creeps.

Black Phillip is a bad fucker and by far the best goat in cinema history!

Anya Taylor-Joy is such a talented young actress. I already know Split, Morgan and Thoroughbreds with her. I have to catch up with her other stuff like Barry and The Miniaturist. Totally hyped for Nosferatu, the next film by Robert Eggers, New Mutants and Glass. Even if those movies suck (which they won't), Anya will be great. That's for sure!

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