The Wolverine

The Wolverine ★★★

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X-Men Sunday

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After X-Men Origins: Wolverine was such an absolute disaster, I decided not to go to the cinema for the sequel in 2013. In the aftermath a mistake, though not a huge one.

In Wolverine's second solo adventure, Logan travels to Japan to pay his last respects to an old friend. But when he arrives a dispute about the legacy of the head of the family breaks out and nothing seems to be what it looks like. Of course Samurai, Yakuza and the broken family relations in the Japanese family must not be missing.

All in all, the movie shows a good mixture of fast-paced action scenes, quiet sequences and humorous interludes and can entertain during the whole running time.

Unfortunately, the finale between good and evil has overstepped the mark a bit and reminds too much of an Iron Man movie and also isn't that gripping.

In the long run, the many Jean Grey dream sequences Logan struggles with were also annoying. One would have been enough for me.

Conclusion: Good entertainment and definitely better than the first solo movie, but no must-see.

Many people seem to have forgotten by now that James Mangold didn't only shoot Logan, but also this movie before. I guess practice creates masters.

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