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While I'm writing this review on my way home, I listen to "I Got 5 On It" to stay in the mood of the movie and because it's an awesome track!

My hopes have come true: Jordan Peele is definitely not a flash in the pan when it comes to staging atmospheric horror movies. And he's fucking unpredictable!

Even though Us doesn't seem to have a political agenda like Get Out, which gave Peele's directorial debut an additional, perfectly woven level, his second film has an exciting and extremely gripping story, which constantly pushed me to the edge of my seat.

Peele creates a constantly unpleasant atmosphere through great use of music, very valuable, beautifully disturbing shots and a really high level of violence compared to Get Out.

However, there are also some really good, funny scenes and one-liners of the family man, that ease the tense situation.

The members of the other family, who already look really frightening in the trailer, are in the movie CREEPY AS FUCK! Especially the surreal pronunciation and the rigid faces are the stuff nightmares are made of. If you thought the housekeeper of the Armitages was scary, you haven't seen the psychotic face of Lupita Nyong'o yet. Insane performance!!

The story is led to a fitting, meaningful and somehow apocalyptic ending, which is explained to me a bit too detailed, though. Peele doesn't leave much room for excessive interpretations. I found that a bit unfortunate. But the rest of the movie is packed with symbols, which generate a high rewatch value to decode the movie completely.

Us is already one of the best horror movies of the year and will surely rotate in my player several times after its release for home cinema. I bet 5 on it!

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