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  • Don Quixote

    Don Quixote


    'Don Quixote' is a film that questions whether you want to be a dreamer or a straight laced realist. It raises the question about incomplete films, possibly better than any other. The question of whether you should watch the film that is in your head, the masterwork the boy genius intended. Or whether you should watch the film in the real world, a mix and match rough cut of a would be great work.

    It confronts the viewer with the…

  • Famine-33



    The worst death to have in the hands of evil is a slow and painful one. Never does this evil really triumph though. It may have claimed millions of lives, but the victims are forever stronger than such prevailing forces.

    The film can't bear to present such horrific events in colour. The only justice to show the evil conquering the innocence, the shadows conquering the light, is to show it in the true filmic capacity. Black and white can simultaneously…

Popular reviews

  • Chungking Express

    Chungking Express


    Well, to the suprise of me included here's another review:

    In my younger and more vulnerable years, (and by this I mean about last summer) I picked up a copy of Wong Kar-Wai's most famous and critically acclaimed film 'In the Mood for Love'. My foolish young brain believed this to be "that Chinese police film wherein California Dreamin' plays a lot". So when I foolishly watched 'In the Mood for Love' on a bright sweltering afternoon expecting a faced…

  • After the Storm

    After the Storm


    Another delightful little film from Kore-eda. A really great easy and comforting watch, but still an incredibly well made and intelligent film. It's a film about living in the shadow of your unrealistic expectations. Much like people tend to place Kore-eda as living in the shadow of Ozu. But those who have seen Kore-eda's films know they are completely different and brilliant in their own ways.

    The death of Ryota's father, who's rather idiosyncratic nature serves as a dead weight…