Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★½

Holy shit!!! That's one hell of a heist movie, and one hell of a revenge movie, all at the same time!!!

It feels dark and serious enough (almost in a 90´s throwback-y kind of way, a film that takes itself too seriously, but that's part its charm), it's filled with great action set-pieces, all of them impressively executed (a very entertaining ride for sure), but its also character-driven enough (it feels visceral, especially the last 30 minutes) to be way more interesting than your average action flick, or your average Jason Satham vehicle (although, in a way it's exactly a film about Satham just kicking ass)... and the best thing is the clever structure in which the story is told... and I wasn't even aware this was a remake from a French movie (now I want to see the original).

Definitely the less Guy Ritchie film that Ritchie has ever made (apart from ALADDIN), but oddly -and even if we do miss his humor and cool nicknames and stylized editing a bit- also one of his best!!! In a way, it made me think a lot of DRAGGED ACROSS CONCRETE (because of the "anatomy-of-a-heist" kind of approach, and also the character-driven dark action tone), which was one of my favorite films of 2019... It's weird, I never thought a Ritchie film would feel more like a Zahler film.

One of the best of the year so far... check it out on the big screen!!!

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