Straight Up

Straight Up ★½

(i feel it’s important to preface this by saying i’m both queer and live with mental illness, and i come at this with zero prejudice toward anyone who identifies with either or both of those labels.) but man, five minutes into this, i knew i was in serious trouble. maybe liberal arts college broke me. i’m so tired of these portrayals of millennials as meticulously fitted, deeply broken, and profoundly insufferable, high on their own perceived erudition and progressive goalposting (as well as their faulty sorkin impressions), romanticizing their own inability to healthily cope with whatever’s off in their life’s lot. an actually ironic, self-aware skewering of these kinds of people would have been my favorite movie of the year, but this was so undeniably made by someone who doesn’t see the all-consuming solipsism and often insidious breaches of ethics and sexual power often rife throughout these communities, who instead makes it all twee and ineffectual — even when characters are being pressured into sexual situations, harassed and semi-stalked, and in other ways invalidated. it’s a movie that ultimately enforces every stereotype it claims to subvert. half of these stars is for bananagrams representation, to be clear

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