fucking brilliant

  • Bug


    shockingly romantic

  • This Gun for Hire

    This Gun for Hire

    veronica lake

  • Barbarian


    didnt watch this on 19th i am doing retroactive logging for everything i remember watching recently

  • Nope


    gordy’s home sequence

  • La Strada

    La Strada


    she just might have a new favorite fellini

  • Broker


    i want to watch this again except with official subtitles

  • Accused of Murder

    Accused of Murder

    this is a weird movie. aesthetics are community theater douglas sirk by way of underwhelming naturama (off brand technicolor also used by nazis). bizarrely paced. every single light is on in every single room. even the after hours nightclub and dance spot. there is however a czech figure skater turned b movie actress in it, so. is she good ? no. but shes still kinda fun and i like her career trajectory

  • Videodrome



    a new fav

  • A Chorus Line

    A Chorus Line

    the 80s dancecore is immaculate

  • Hell House

    Hell House

    i do not like seeing theater kids used to evil ends

  • Petite Maman

    Petite Maman

    beautiful. in lesser hands, it could have been something cloying and mawkish, but in céline sciamma’s, it is poetic and personal and tender and close to the nerve. i cried. the big, heavy gaping hole in the chest kind of crying.