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  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    what I was thinking during the movie: "you're bat shit crazy" ,"what the fuck is going on" and "you're a beautiful evil genius" all at the same time, with that said, I will forever be afraid of rich blondes who have not one but tons of books with their name and an ex from boarding school called Desi who is also rich, on a serious note, the reason why I like this movie so much, is because every turn it's a surprise, and when you think you've seen crazy, they give you crazier

  • The Sun Is Also a Star

    The Sun Is Also a Star


    ok, before sunrise definitely ruined one day romance for me, while watching the movie I was thinking "wait, why do they like each other?" there is a lack of communication, of small and deep talks, we don't have the opportunity to fall in love with the characters at the same time they fall in love with one another, the movie itself, the scenery, the locations, the music, are very good, but the story line and the plot are a wattpad…