• Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    this was the hardest rewatch so far.. i’m emo

  • Before Sunrise

    Before Sunrise


    ethan hawke in the first scene... mm yes very good

  • Boogie Nights

    Boogie Nights


    really enjoyed it except mark

  • Shutter Island

    Shutter Island


    a lot of cool visual moments

  • A Star Is Born

    A Star Is Born


    judy garland giving one of my favorite performances on film... yeah

  • Hanna



    the editing was cool sometimes but a little all over the place
    saorise made me very happy

  • Rear Window

    Rear Window


    the protagonist was kinda annoying but it was good

  • It Happened One Night

    It Happened One Night


    the chemistry between the leads and the writing... mm yes very good

  • The Passion of Joan of Arc

    The Passion of Joan of Arc


    she is that bitch

  • Meet Me in St. Louis

    Meet Me in St. Louis


    something about watching judy on screen is so magical. this is my first garland movie other than oz and i really liked it.

  • Fighting with My Family

    Fighting with My Family


    good for her

  • Boys Don't Cry

    Boys Don't Cry


    gosh this one is so important. everyone say thank u hilary swank