Emma. ★★★★

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I’m not sure if anyone noticed that I’ve been really inactive on this site lately, but I’ve missed you all and I think I’m back! Trying to make my first actually-budgeted, semi-professional short film amidst frenzied retail work and a worldwide pandemic pretty much obliterated any chance of me watching many movies, let alone writing about them. But good news, we shot the film! It’s called “Framed By Fountains” and you can find out more about it at this handy list, if you’re interested. :) 

Anyway, I did get time to see Emma and it was sumptuous and scrumptious and everything I wanted it to be, sans a slightly baggy runtime and a little undercooked drama. The popping-pastel aesthetic is highly manufactured, but De Wilde’s organised staging only serves to heighten the stuffy, schematic, satirical rules of behaviour imposed upon the characters, trapping them in cushy decor and rigid interactions and finding a ton of great humour in doing so. There’s an extended dance sequence that reaches the sublime, eliciting so many tears and cheers and heart flutters that I pretty much melted (kudos also goes to the uniformly strong principal cast). I wish Austen was this fun in school. 8/10

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