Gemini Man ★★½

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Lots of people are saying stuff like “I miss Ang Lee” in relation to Gemini Man, which is odd considering his work on it is perhaps as formally progressive as any action movie in a loooong time. With his smooth direction, emotional earnestness and technical innovation, Lee takes an often-terrible script and turns it into a must-see cinema experience. When the screenplay fails to connect you to the characters, Lee brings the characters to you, using a blend of 3D and HFR that renders the actors so flawlessly sharp you feel like you can reach out and touch every pore on Will Smith’s face (or Will Smith’s). Whenever the plot and pace look ready to collapse, Lee mounts an incredibly-coherent, balletically choreographed action sequence to respike your adrenaline (again, the 3D/HFR excels here, with debris, water, cars and bullets flying at the viewer with startling clarity). There’s little reason to watch Gemini Man normally but absolutely every reason to watch it as it was intended. It has a story and characters I’ll quickly forget, but a constant barrage of layered, immersive images that’ll stay with me forever. Keep doing what you’re doing, Ang Lee. I’ll be there day one. 5/10 

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