Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★½

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Knives Out is as sharp and immediate as its scintillating title, and the all-too rare type of movie that makes you think “damn that’s clever” every few minutes, whether prompted by a well-executed twist or wry dose of modern commentary. Just like the rest of his films, Rian Johnson’s latest is unmistakably a work of labour and love, pored over and refined for years and years until it emerges as something close to the slickest and savviest version of itself imaginable, with what feels like the tightest plot ever written as you’re watching it. The story is a meticulously strung web that somehow gets stronger the more Johnson stretches it out, constantly adding elements that are all accounted for by film’s end (which is incidentally one of the most satisfying final scenes in recent memory), all performed with gusto by a first-rate cast and all stylishly filmed by DP Steve Yedlin, who manages to keep things aesthetically off-balance and pleasing all at the same time. I can’t wait for this to inspire generations of new filmmakers the way Brick and The Last Jedi inspire me. Rian Johnson is the real deal. 9/10 

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