Lightyear ★½

Disney's newest banned movie was ehh.... The best part of this movie is easily Sox a.k.a. Buzz's robot companion. He delivers the funniest and cutest moments in this, and it makes everyone wanna buy a robot toy of him. The animation is great, even though its weird that its trying to be a film from the 90s. The action was very exciting, but when it comes to the story and writing, it makes the movie underwhelming. This movie feels like every Disney animated movie, and there are a lot of cliche and predictable moments that we've seen in thousand of Disney or Pixar films, and I wasn't really uninterested with the story, mostly because it's lacking any detail and weirdly paced. And every single character except Sox are very forgettable and I kinda have nothing to care about them. Overall, "Lightyear" is not the worst Pixar movie ever, and I think it's better than that Red Panda twerking movie. And although I kinda had fun with this movie, this is a C Tier Pixar Movie and if you're fan of "Toy Story", then check this one out because you'll a fun time with this.

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