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  • The Vanishing of Sidney Hall

    The Vanishing of Sidney Hall


    a lot of interesting pieces and fine lead acting performance ultimately let down by its own self-grandiosity. Actually this reminded me a lot of reading Goldfinch. I imagine that film adaptation might round out with a similar feel to this one.

  • Summer Lovers

    Summer Lovers


    the kind of film i could watch + enjoy all day-any day, but then also happens to sting quite a bit because of all/any days to watch it I chose right while the girl i’m currently seeing is off on a Euro trip along the coast of Italy for several long-seeming weeks with a medium-sized group of her close girl and guyfriends...
    ...(many of whom she’s brought up before but i haven’t met 😶). 
    3.5😬teeth grinds ⛓🖤🚬⏳⌚️🗺🎱🥃📵📆

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  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    Paul Schrader knows the value of stepping into  ‘darkness’ and seeing how sometimes there’s even light to be found there. Love = Hate; Austin 3:16 🤟

  • Private Lessons

    Private Lessons


    Pretty much every 15 year-old boy’s dream, and my 28 year old guilty pleasure.