Stranger Than Fiction ★★★★★

letterboxd.... it’s been a while. but i come back with vengeance. this movie. is spectacular. it borders the line of cheesy. it tip toes into the world of cliche. but it’s not. or maybe it is. but i don’t care. it’s beautiful. it’s weird. and it made me feel a lot of different things. a dustin hoffman cameo is never not wanted and will ferrell absolutely bodied this role. the character of amy at times felt a little manic pixie dream girl-y but at other times she felt real and very cool. miss eiffel is incredible. the actress whose name i sadly do not remember is terrific and the whole concept is so strange but so creative. this movie made me very happy and i am very glad netflix tried to pull a fast one by adding it. very happy about this movie. very happy.

[[[EDIT]]] how the hell did i not know that was emma thompson omg. i thought it was the mom from the parent trap. yikes. okay that’s on me.