Bad Times at the El Royale ★★★★

I sure hope Lewis Pullman ends up being in a lot more movies. His performance at the end stood out to me the most, I loved it.
Also Jeff Bridges, my goodness. He should get nominated for every role he's in! He always nails them all (Even R.I.P.D) (maybe).
I liked how every hit, smash, boom, shot, and break sound were turned up like 7 notches. I swear I jumped more times watching this movie than I have in any Insidious or Conjuring movie.

At first I was skeptical about the different perspectives shown but after a while, it grew on me and I felt the story worked better like that. This could've been messy and boring but Drew Goddard actually pulled it off. I enjoyed it and it's random, yet great and fun to watch.

P.S: Chris Hemsworth is such a great "bad guy". He's so menacing. Like if he were to turn evil in any upcoming Avengers film and take over the MCU, i'd be okay with that.

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