Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier ★★★★★

I love The First Avenger and how it builds up who Steve Rogers is with and without the super soldier serum, but The Winter Soldier adds the political tension that I didn’t know was needed in a superhero film.

Captain America goes through plenty of external conflict that we know he’s capable of handling but it’s the internal conflict that we get worried about. We know Captain America is nearly perfect but Steve Rogers isn’t. He has his regrets, his problems, his worries with his relationship, his best friend; things we wouldn’t think a super soldier would go through and this film has built upon that. It gives Captain America the growth and the depth he needs and that’s why we as an audience grow to love him.

Now Cap. been my favorite superhero since I was a kid so I hope this doesn’t come off a little biased (and if it does, I’m sorry) but the heart that this character has in these films, it only gets better and better. It comes off feeling genuine to the point where it seems that even Captain America is too good to be “Captain America”. Not only that, but the action he does is insane. The fighting fits how we’d expect a super soldier to fight. And then there’s the actual fighting scenes, the explosions; every single scene is choreographed so beautifully, The Russo’s definitely made their mark with this film.
Although The First Avenger is great and I love it, The Winter Soldier is definitely the film (and the sequel) that Captain America deserves.

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