Captain Marvel ★★★★

Once the Marvel Studios intro came out, I was already on the verge of tears.
The rest of the movie played out very well after that.

If I ever have kids in the future and they want to get into super hero movies, Captain Marvel is definitely one I will show them.
Not only is the film fun and filled with adventure but it's great for people (especially kids) to see a hero who really stands up for something greater.

Of course, there's many heroes out there that do the same (that's what makes them a "hero") but it's nice for kids to look up to a superhero that isn't just this muscular cool looking man and instead is just a regular person; a female, which we hardly see as the main character in movies nowadays.

Now It doesn't have to be a woman who matches the physicality that lame comic book dudes want to inappropriately fantasize about. But a woman who lives life as most women back in the day, and even now. A woman who has society (men) look down on her only because she's a girl.

So is Captain Marvel used for feminism purposes? Yeah maybe but what's wrong with that? I loved every second of her proving that she's the strongest hero out there, without her having to prove to anyone, and to be honest, I can't wait to see the look on Thanos' face when he gets to see who he's up against.

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