Eternals ★★★★½

I am a little sad as to how some are reviewing this movie poorly but I’m glad I’m not letting people’s bad reviews interfere with my own experience because to be honest, I absolutely loved this movie. 

Jack Kirby created the world of Eternals and used his stylistic art style to help tale the tales of these Celestial beings and used them as the creators of worlds and galaxies, in which our most powerful superheroes will live and die for. 
At the time, all these other characters were already established so the attention that these stories received at the time were nothing compared to Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk, and Thor. 

Years later, Jack Kirby’s legacy grows and we learn to appreciate his style more, no matter what it is that he’s done. So not only does The Eternals movie have to fit in the shoes of Jack Kirby’s astonishing legacy, but it also has to attract the many viewers who have already grown attached to established movie characters like Spider-Man, Scarlet Witch, Loki, and everyone from Endgame. 

And if I’m being honest, as difficult as it might have been, I believe Chloe Zhao did a fantastic job of representing these complicated characters on film and bringing them up to modern day. 

We have a diverse cast, we have powerful characters and high stakes. Lots of dialogue that is told not only through actual words but through powerful scenes and with visual storytelling. It’s a very big Universe and a lot of characters but the film successfully used flashbacks to help drive the story, which I feel was most necessary since these are characters that have lived through centuries, and we know nothing about them.
It clearly isn’t your typical Marvel movie but it does carry some of those same MCU themes which are easy to notice throughout the film. Lots of wonderful and emotional scenes (the Hiroshima scene broke me) and the film does set up for bigger things down the line.

This review is long enough so I’ll end it here. Overall, I really did enjoy this movie and the end credit scene has me most excited for what’s to come.  Post credit scene is cool too but just the end credits… wow. 

On a side note, don’t let bad reviews get in the way of you seeing this movie!

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