Inside Llewyn Davis

Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★½

I believe it was Alexander Graham Bell that said, "when one door closes, another opens".
Well Llewyn has had plenty of doors closing on him and not one has opened...
It's clear that as we grow up, most of us are set to believe that working hard is the formula for a successful outcome. Inside Llewyn Davis is a great example of someone's life perfectly contradicting that outcome, even after days of hard work.

The film itself ends up being a visualisation of depression; It's undeserved loneliness and constant failure shown to us on screen. From the gloomy cinematography to the character's misfortunate experiences. It's just an overwhelming sadness that seems to overlap it all.

Because of this, Llewyn Davis ends up being the perfect character to study, yet he can also be relatable in most ways (at least for me). I know I've had those moments where I wish the world would just give me a break instead of adding more problems. That's what makes this film feel so realistic.

Plus Oscar Isaac ends up being amazing in this and his perfomance comes off so genuine. Just by him saying he's tired in that one scene, you can just see it all in his eyes.

However, I was able to find the positive in all this. Although there's all that sadness we see from the character and the story, there is still one positive thing about Llewyn -- his determination to keep trying. The only reason we saw Llewyn fail so much is because we also saw him trying. In fact, he tried a lot and though he got the worst thrown at him, that still didn't stop him. So despite the sadness that we see in the film, there's still that silver lining. And honestly, that silver lining is what makes Llewyn Davis such a great protagonist.

I know I babbled a lot for this review and I'm sorry about that. There's just a lot of thought and emotion that went on in my head after seeing it so I just went off and on about it so thank you to anyone that actually read it all. And thank you to my wonderful girlfriend who got me the Criterion of this movie for Christmas :)

P.S: The music in this is amazing. It fits the tone of the movie and it's so catchy! Who knew having Oscar Isaac singing was something we needed in this world?

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