The Descent

The Descent ★★★★

For a moment, this movie made me want to be more of an outdoorsy type person. And then a few minutes later, that feeling went away.
Before those creatures even came out, the movie was already horrifying. Watching them crawl in tight spaces... my heart was nearly out of my chest.
I did think those creatures were horrible and all but I think the worst monster of all was Juno without a doubt. I hated her character from beginning to end.
I ended up seeing the UK version of this and i honestly recommend watching that one instead of the US one.

P.S: now that i think about it, can you blame those creatures? I mean come on, they're just being their own normal selves. Can you imagine if those creatures had their own cinema and had a movie about creatures minding their own business in a cave and some dumb girls invade their territory and it becomes a movie in their world about the lives lost trying to protect their cave home. They already have disabilities and all and these human monsters come to "explore". Yeah reminds me of Columbus if you ask me

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