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  • Mail Order Murder: The Story Of W.A.V.E. Productions

    Mail Order Murder: The Story Of W.A.V.E. Productions


    I'm about to start working on the score for a new WAVE film very soon, which I'm really excited about. As a big wave fan, I owed it to myself to watch this not just for being a fan but I guess now for directly working with Gary on his new film (Starring Debbie D! What a fucking dream my life is becoming this year!!)

    This was clearly made with so so so much love. Nobody has a bad thing…

  • Mulberry Street

    Mulberry Street


    I'm so sleep deprived right now and it makes me so happy, I love being so sleepy that my heavily fortified emotional barriers are completely gone and I can just be the dummy I think I am usually!!!!

    I played The Quarry for nearly eight hours straight bc it came out and that doesn't matter, I didn't like it but it doesn't matter, I'm watching Mulberry Street now and I haven't finished it yet I want to live-review it so…

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  • Eraserhead



    Uniquely ambivalent because it actively provides simultaneous arguments for and against terminating pregnancy:

    Pro-life: Eraserhead baby is sooo cute!! :3

    Pro-choice: Kids are disgusting, what the fuck is that!? >_<

  • From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money

    From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money


    I was going to watch a Lifetime movie called "Webcam Cheerleaders" but I made the mistake of choosing this instead ;(

    Bruce Campbell is in this which is fun if u like him (I don't like his face or voice, sorry), actually there's a lot of recognisable names, and for some reason Danny Trejo returns in this one because why not!?

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