Clockwork ★★★½

Every night for the last few nights, something gets inside my house and makes a lot of noise in the basement.

I've gone down there to check a few times and there's never anything there during the day, but everything is knocked over and there's always a huge mess. Sure enough though, every night, I get woken up again by something knocking stuff over and moving around.

I watched Clockwork at around 1am, which is an hour or two before all the noise usually starts. I'm like, definitely not going down there to check it out when the noises inevitably start, but this short film does kinda capture how I've been feeling in my own home lately!

It's a cool, gritty and moody lil' thing that doesn't really serve much of a purpose outside of creating dread, but I love dread! Life is dreadful!! +_+