Superhost ★★★

The scariest moment in this movie is super early on when Rebecca is knocking on the front door and you can just barely see her expressionless, indifferent face through the glass, but a split second later when the door opens, she has a huge fake smile plastered on her face.

I honestly think that single shot sells the entire point of this movie better than any of the dialogue does.

Superhost has an awesome set-up and a sincerely insane "what the fuck" performance from Grace Phipps that elevates the film so much. The movie spirals into a fairly generic thriller and definitely doesn't live up to what the first half promises, which is such a shame because despite the heavily done social media satire stuff, this was actually super engaging and intriguing until maybe halfway through.

I do want a social media power couple moment though!! Like and follow, don't forget to SMASH that LIKE button guys!!