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  • Pride & Prejudice

    Pride & Prejudice


    I know this film is probably not perfect but, to me, it’s quite close. The intricacies of the direction are astounding: the hand-clench, from the staging to the way it was shot in cut-aways and POVs, has stuck with me forever.

    Across the film there are so many of these moments of brilliance. Not the kind of brilliance that ticks a box in the astute viewers brain but the kind of brilliance that leaves you breathless without knowing why. That…

  • Antiporno



    I may be extremely biased in my opinion but I truly believe Sion Sono is an unrecognised master. This film in particular was always the one of his which gripped me most - a big achievement in such a dynamic filmography. 

    Antiporno unfolds like a nesting doll. Whenever you feel like you may be starting to understand what’s being shown to you, the narrative quickly shifts and drags you away, introducing you to something entirely aesthetically, narratively and thematically separate.…