The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★½

I've only just discovered Alejandro Jodorowsky's work this summer and I've wanting to get around to at least one of his films before it ends. This is my first film I've seen directed by Jodorowsky and it's certainly not going to be my last. His style is very strange and the film itself is just completely out there. It's beyond bizarre and is extremely well crafted. So incredibly odd and off-putting to the point where it became alluring and beautiful in a weird way. Jodorowsky completely throws out the usual, typical narrative structure that most accessible films have and that was for the better as the material he's dealing with in The Holy Mountain needs to have some more freedom. The visual and audio overload is astonishing and I suggest letting the film just completely wash over you.

Love machines. Decapitations by extremely large swords. A man who has collected over 1,000 testicals and counting. Naked men. Naked women. All of these acts and things and more can be found in The Holy Mountain, most of which are grotesque and will really turn most people off. Jodorowsky's direction is stellar and brilliant. Basically every technical aspect is done very well. The cinematography is incredible, the use of color and lighting is fantastic, the amount of creativity and effort put into this film is immense. The story is fairly easy to follow if you are used to watching surreal films that tell their story in a non-typical way.

Was going to give it 4 stars, but damn, that ending really caught me by surprise to the point where I added half a star.