Certain Women ★★★★½

Reichardt is effortlessly cinematic and powerful, creating a perfectly seamless reincarnation of reality as we know it. Certain Women is something really special and kindred, like curling up in bed after a hard day. The term "slice of life" has never been so applicable to a film. I felt hesitant towards it for the most part, but after some thinking, I've realized it's my own fault for inherently expecting something grand, some kind of "so what" to come of every film. This is the sort of feature that grounds me because it's unquestionably well-made, well-performed and well-written.

So why did I begin to think it was anything less than the masterpiece it truly is? It's so uncommon to find narratives and characters quite so honest and human in many films. To watch this after a string of dramatic, linear, conclusive titles is really fascinating and dreamlike. Reichardt is gifted in expanding upon incredibly intimate moments and relations which can either attract or repel a viewer. On my end, Reichardt's motivated to me spend more time with earnest, simplistic films that value humanity over materialism.

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