Scream ★★★★½

My kind of horror movie, 100%. I remember thinking the same thing the first time I saw this, forced to watch it by a couple of my friends on the floor of my English class at the end of Year 9 because they were both in love with a blood-soaked Billy Loomis (which horrifies me to this day!).

Concerning 14 year old obsessions aside, this is the first horror movie I ever saw that I genuinely enjoyed watching - as opposed to gritting my teeth and trying to survive the 90 minutes or more without hiding in my room. Yeah, yeah, I'm a wuss, I've accepted it about myself. For one thing, any sort of tv show/movie that delves into the 'high school is a horror movie' theme is immediately my cup of tea, especially so now that I've left that hellhole forever!

More than anything, though, I love how fun this is - paying homage to classic slashers while also lovingly spoofing them, poking fun at itself while still functioning as a perfect horror movie. Actually, it's silliness is probably why I find it so accessible to me, a self-professed anxious mess anytime a horror movie comes on that wasn't made pre-1965, as though Scream is letting me in on the joke even while providing some classic scares and twists. I also adore Craven's ridiculous amount of references - like a less pretentious, far more enjoyable TS Eliot poem where instead of having to have read every book ever published to understand it, you need to have seen every horror movie ever.

Bottomline: my favourite horror movie to date. The only reason it doesn't have five stars is because I'm trying to learn how to be objective, but no promises that I won't bump this up on a rewatch.

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