The Black Rider: Revelation Road ★★★★½

Synopsis: In a post-Rapture world, Joshua (David A.R. White, "God's Not Dead 2") is on a very important mission: to find medical help for a very sick girl. He finds a small town of people left behind, where he meets a tyrannical mayor (James Denton, "Good Witch") and Sofia (Hilty Bowen), a young woman who is determined to help out Joshua. The mayor tells Josh and Sofia that her mother, a trained doctor, left the city to follow a mysterious man known as the Shepherd. Sofia and Joshua set off to find him...but, nothing can prepare them for what awaits them during the end times.
Also starring Kevin Sorbo ("God's Not Dead") and Bruce Marchiano ("The Visual Bible: Matthew").

The Good: Forget the "Left Behind" franchise; this is how the "end times" should be portrayed! While I don't necessarily believe in Rapture theology, it's hard not to be drawn in by this dramatic interpretation of the prophecies of Revelation! David A.R. White is amazing as the lead, and James Denton is among the coldest and most calculating villains I've seen in a while; much different from the gentle physician he portrays on Hallmark Channel's "Good Witch". The other actors do well, too, and the fight and action sequences are incredible! Even the plot is convoluted; you'd have to watch the earlier movies to understand this, but, trust me: it's worth it!

The Bad: Along with the problems that Rapture theology presents, this third film in a series ends on a cliffhanger; however, I've heard nothing about a fourth film. I sure hope they don't leave this franchise unfinished!

Content Concerns: I won't do my usual listing, but, I will say that, like many of its kind, this flick has quite a bit of violence; people get shot dead and otherwise killed quite frequently, and the fights are intense. There's no gore, but there is a bit of blood. Plus, young children won't understand the themes anyway.

Conclusion: What a rush! This movie gripped me and wouldn't let go! If you've watched the first two films in this series, you can't miss this one!

Score: 4.5/5