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    started off strong a bit but after, I got bored. it was so slow nothing was happening characters were okay. this could literally be thirty minutes as a short not a full on movie

  • Meet the Filmmakers: Josh and Benny Safdie

    Meet the Filmmakers: Josh and Benny Safdie

    love these guys

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    One highlight that I want to mention/talk about is how well these scenes were shot, I felt the director took a long time to examine what he specifically wanted to explain to the audience when it came to a certain scene. Even though it was a tad slow pace, the dialogue was mixed in with emotion that made the film worthwhile. There was no buffer with the conversations the characters had within each other and held every word at a…

  • Nobody Knows

    Nobody Knows


    sometimes you just need a nondiegietic scene to really put you in sentimental tears. the tone throughout the entire film sways so perfectly with just a simple layer of scenes to really get you, the way this director was able to say nothing but just certain images to feel their state of emotion. there’s a certain scene where one of the girls has her red nails painted fully cut to her red nails almost being chipped out which shows TIME which is evidently, IMPORTANT with their state of being. it was a tad too long but it was also enjoyable to watch with the main characters