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  • Green Book

    Green Book

    Peter Farrelly
    DreanWorks et al.
    ows: embarrassing
    GRADE: D+

    “It was rather jarring"

    "Just 100% wrong"

    "Symphony of lies"


    - A collection of reviews from Don Shirley's family

    The result?

    5 academy award nominations

    And that's a pretty good factual summation about this comedy-deaf, race-blind piece of sucrose Oscar Porn. There is nothing in this except tedious road trip and laugh track laminated dialogue. All this made me feel was hungry. This is some Ebony and Ivory, bare-bone understanding…

  • The Breaker Upperers

    The Breaker Upperers


    Madeleine Sami & Jackie van Beek
    Piki Films, Miss Conception Films
    ows: unbidden
    GRADE: C

    Given Taika Waititi's blessing, I expected enough New Zealand-isms and quirkiness to keep me on the film and this is genuinely way better than a homologously produced comedy from (*heaves*) america - yet this has a lot of potential squandered.

    I really found some lines here hysterical, particularly from Boy actor James Rolleston who plays a wonderfully dimwitted love interest, but a lot of the more…

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  • Arrival



    Denis Villeneuve, you beautiful bastard.

  • Sherlock: The Final Problem

    Sherlock: The Final Problem


    Possibly, the most infuriating, frustrating and downright mind twisting television experiences I've had.

    From the well set up but poorly executed 'villain', the constant barrage of M. Night Shyamalan twists, it didn't feel like Sherlock at all, it felt like saturated fanfic with some (actually impressive) horror movie tension jammed into the pot. A fandom themed escape room game you might find certified on TripAdvisor.

    What the flying fuckparsnip did I just witness?