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  • TINA


    A good film and a good story. But I wish there was less of that man and more of Tina Turner in the documentary titled TINA. Especially when, in the film, she repeatedly has to say that she doesn’t want to talk about that man and relive that pain. Why must it be re-examined over and again? It honestly feels exploitative. The twenty minutes in the middle when her rise to international superstardom in her 40s is beautiful and inspirational. But…

  • Godzilla vs. Kong

    Godzilla vs. Kong

    I mean, wouldn’t we all get obsessed with a Brian Tyree Henry podcast?

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  • Midnight Run

    Midnight Run


    It is very difficult for most men to express their feelings verbally. We feel like we have to hide behind a mask of machismo as instructed by the patriarchal social structure that we live in, so we express our emotions with actions rather than words to the detriment of those around us. At the end of Midnight Run when Robert De Niro gives Charles Grodin the watch he says:

    “Here’s a little memento to remember our adventures together.” 

    But what he…

  • The Heartbreak Kid

    The Heartbreak Kid


    The Heartbreak Kid: or A Ballad of a Simp and a Flirt

    Seeing comparisons between The Heartbreak Kid and The Graduate feels accurate, if a little too easy. Nichols’ film ends bleakly, but May’s film is pretty damn dark and depressing for its whole runtime. The films almost play in reverse of each other. It’s a funny movie that barely makes you laugh; just the worst.

    (Also as I am not Jewish I don’t feel at liberty to speak on that subtext in the film, but I did find it just as bleak and intriguing as anything else in the film) It’s just the worst, and it’s amazing too

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  • Black Panthers

    Black Panthers

    1. We Want Freedom. We Want Power To Determine The Destiny Of Our Black Community.

    2. We Want Full Employment For Our People.

    3. We Want An End To The Robbery By The Capitalists Of Our Black Community.

    4. We Want Decent Housing Fit For The Shelter Of Human Beings.

    5. We Want Education For Our People That Exposes The True Nature Of This Decadent American Society. We Want Education That Teaches Us Our True History And Our Role In The…

  • Another Round

    Another Round


    I knew I had to check out Another Round after Thomas Vinterberg got that fairly unexpected Best Director nomination from the Academy Awards. And after I watched the movie I feel like it was deserved. Not in the typical Oscars-way that we’ve come to understand, but in a more exciting sense. 

    The first 20~ish minutes are pretty much exposition and setup, nothing too special. When the friends start drinking and you see the little miracles unfolding it’s fun and inspiring. But…