Another Round ★★★★

I knew I had to check out Another Round after Thomas Vinterberg got that fairly unexpected Best Director nomination from the Academy Awards. And after I watched the movie I feel like it was deserved. Not in the typical Oscars-way that we’ve come to understand, but in a more exciting sense. 

The first 20~ish minutes are pretty much exposition and setup, nothing too special. When the friends start drinking and you see the little miracles unfolding it’s fun and inspiring. But after everyone gets totally blasted one night in a very exciting scene, you start to feel the hangover of the experiment; it’s dark and tragic. The movie ends with a moment of clarity where the characters and the audience see what has gone wrong and how to fix it up right. Vinterberg weaves this fable of self-actualization through the ups and downs of an alcoholic binge. The film also doesn’t demonize drinking, it simply cautions that too much of a good thing isn't too good anymore.

I’d also be remiss to not mention the captivating performance by Mass Mikkelsen, who I can say surely deserved a nomination as much as Vinterberg has.

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