• The Visit

    The Visit


    re-watch with my nana

    M. Night's funny and loveable serious (not serious) piss-take.

  • Napoleon



    A stoned and/or severely autistic Joaquin Phoenix sucks the throbbing member of a narcissist, racist and senial Ridley Scott for a stupid fucking near 3 hours while playing dress up.

    I'm happy to sign a French petition for the beheading of Ridley Scott, Joaquin Phoenix, Vanessa Kirby and people who legitimately thought this trash was good.

  • The Super Mario Bros. Movie

    The Super Mario Bros. Movie

    Obnoxious trash. Nintendo is dead.

    Make Wart the villian in the sequel you cowards.

  • Deadfall



    Beautiful re-watch with the boys #2

  • Extraterrestrial



    Movie watching with the guys #1

  • RoboCop 2

    RoboCop 2


    Robocop 2 > Robocop

  • RoboCop



    "Pakistan is threatening my border!"

    Timeless classic.

    Just purchased the PS5 game.

  • Citadel



    Elevated Getto Horror - UK Edition.

    Cesspool rabbits breeding like mad. Youth culture now a malignant cancer. We must burn down the incubating highrise suburban hellscapes that plague the land.

  • Armed Response

    Armed Response


    Solid B movie comfort food from Fred Olen Ray. It has a great cast, cheeky dialogue and is unmistakably 80's.

    Michael Berryman earns the MVP here.

  • The Last Wave

    The Last Wave


    Cosmic indigenous horror brought about from the mind, heart, hands and soul of a confused, cutureless but well meaning wajala aka whitefella aka white cunt... depends who you ask.

    Peak Australian cinema. A masterpiece? Possibly.

  • Deadfall



    So bad it's good or just good? I really can't tell anymore. Deadfall is special.

    Deadfall is deadpan insanity with an unhinged Nicolas Cage let loose. A 50 cent noir drowning in the dissolved remnants of a cocaine rotted brain.

    Nicolas Cage screaming the R-word is iconic... Peak cinema. It is like strawberries and cream, it just works and you'll eat the shit out of it. Put that scene on repeat.

    Lastly... What a fucking cast! Phantasm man kills it.

  • The Jar

    The Jar


    This is what Jesus experienced during those 3 days in his tomb.

    Acute psychosis... a visual insight into prodromal schizophrenia. A reality and fear you will never understand. The Jar is the cloest you may ever get.

    PTSD night terrors which further and further remove the individual from a place or feeling of rest and safety.

    A personal look into a troubled mind and soul; Where there is no escape from the spiritual warfare taking place in various forms... in the human understood world, the inferno and brief oases of salvation.