Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ★★★★

A few thoughts:

- Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was really good.

- Shane Black hasn't directed a film since Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (his debut; he's also written films like Lethal Weapon and The Monster Squad). But he has a new one coming out next year: Iron Man 3. Must be good to be Robert Downey Jr.'s friend.

- Val Kilmer was surprisingly on top of his game here. The chemistry between him and Downey was great.

- The fact that Michelle Monaghan and Downey were supposed to be the same age threw me off. They're 11 years apart in real life, and I just had trouble suspending my disbelief on this one. One the bright side, Monaghan gets naked so who the cares, amirite?

- This concludes an in depth and hard-hitting review of Shane Black's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. You're welcome.