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  • Frank



    I don't really know where I stand on this one. That rating could go up or down, but we'll see.

  • Pom Poko

    Pom Poko


    I swear that like half of the negative reviews for this functionally boil down to 'understanding other cultures is too much effort lol'. Anyway, this is great. Hyper entertaining, beautiful animation, and strangely moving. Probably my favourite Takahata so far, but then I still have quite a bit of his filmography to cover.

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  • Donkey Skin

    Donkey Skin


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    When the chopper appears out of nowhere at the very end was the moment when cinema peaked. Everything since has been a vain attempt to match it.

  • Tokyo Story

    Tokyo Story


    My mind boggles at how a movie can be so perfect in every facet of every second.