• Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    CAREY!!!!! MF!!!! MULLIGAN!!!!!
    EMERALD!!!!! MF!!!! FENNELL!!!!

  • Nomadland



    CHLOE!!!! MF!!!! ZHAOOOOOO!!

  • The Godfather: Part III

    The Godfather: Part III


    this makes me cry in an uncool way, real step down from the other two

  • The Godfather: Part II

    The Godfather: Part II


    usually sequels aren't good, but this one is really good and perfectly follows the story. thank god for Francis Ford Copolla

  • The Godfather

    The Godfather


    everytime i watch this i love it even more, every detail is well thought out and beautifully placed. a true masterpiece

  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    i saw this with my parents bc i thought it was a nice love story,,, now my parents want me to go to therapy

  • The Kissing Booth 2

    The Kissing Booth 2

    no thanks❤️