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  • One Shot

    One Shot


    Hey...I won't lie! I was looking forward to this movie like a little kid! I mean...it's Scott Adkins doing a one take action movie!! Holly shit! If anybody should and could do that...it's him! So yeah...the whole concept, and the whole project sounded so promising in my book, and I couldn't wait to finally see it!

    Now...to be honest, trailer for this movie didn't blown me away, and I wasn't sure what to expect. But, Scott has stated several times…

  • Ninja: Shadow of a Tear

    Ninja: Shadow of a Tear


    So...NINJA 2 was on TV! I have this movie on blu ray, and I have seen it couple of times all ready...but that's like my favorite Scott Adkins movie ...so of course I stopped doing what I was doing, and watched this action/martial arts masterpiece! Plus, I never did a review for NINJA 2 since I joined Letterboxd...so it was about damn time to remove that from my checklist...

    Now, if you followed me long enough on Letterboxd and you…

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  • Uncharted



    So...my son and I have played all the Uncharted games together, and we love this series.

    Actually, I'm lying...he played most of it by himself and most of the time he wouldn't give me the joystick, except when he got stuck with riddles or on extremely difficult segments of the game. But we do love this series...
    OK...now for real. I actually played first three games alone years before my son was born (and he was born in 2012.), so…

  • Phantoms



    You know what...Affleck, was indeed the bomb in PHANTOMS (although he looks to young to play Sheriff lol)! But the movie itself, unfortunately, is not...

    I mean, don't get me wrong...PHANTOMS is OK movie...and the first half is extremely intense and interesting. The film grabs you by the balls from the very first minutes and doesn't let go for a very long time. There's mystery, there's scary atmosphere, there's some monsters, and everything works so well. But the second half,…

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  • Batman



    I decided to watch Batman again as a moral support to Michael Keaton and him being robbed at the Oscars! IMO he should have jump on the stage, grab Redmayne and ask him "You ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?"!

    Anyway...Batman is still awesome! Love the soundtrack, love the effects, look of the movie...everything! Although I still prefer Batman Returns just for an inch...

  • The Shack

    The Shack

    OK, let me tell you something right away. Im a Catholic, and I believe in God! I even used to go to church every single Sunday, and you could say that religion is a big part of my life, it always was! That's just how I was raised. But you see...my faith and my religion don't control my life! And I don't really care if other people believe in anything or nothing, and I don't force my religion and my…