Creed ★★★★½

To be honest, I always liked RAMBO movies a bit more then ROCKY movies. RAMBO movies are the reason why I became Stallone's fan in a first place. But nevertheless, ROCKY has a special place in my heart and I love almost all those films.
To me first one and last one (ROCKY BALBOA) are the best in the series,  but my favorite, and most fun movie in the whole franchise is ROCKY 4. I mean, it has Ivan Drago, Sly vs Lundgren, and the best training montages ever! You just can't beat that!

But anyway, IMO ROCKY BALBOA ended this franchise in the best possible way. For me that was such an emotional movie, full of really epic moments (like that unforgettable inspiration speech that Rocky says to his son). That movie had a lots of heart and soul and you could see that was Stallone's passionate project in which he invested lots of love. Honestly, after that one, I never though that I will be watching Rocky Balboa on the big screen again!
And then CREED was announced! Movie about Apollo's son with Rocky in supporting role. Well, I can't say that it sounded like a good idea at the time. If anything it sounded like a milking of Rocky's legacy and a paycheck job for Sly. And CREED indeed could have ended like didn't!

I mean, let's be clear about something here! CREED isn't nothing new, nothing we didn't see 6 times before all ready. Its (another) underdog boxing story, just like almost every ROCKY movie! But Ryan Coogler did it with lots of respect (for the Rocky's legacy), and lots of heart and soul, making this to be another really emotional chapter of Rocky's life!
Stallone knocked it out of the park! He was fantastic here! I can't say how happy I am that he won The Golden Globe and got Oscar nomination! Eat your heart out haters!! He doesn't even have to won the Oscar, because even this nomination is a great recognition, but I sure hope he will win in the end because he deserved it!
Its a shame that Michael B. Jordan also wasn't nominated because he was also fantastic. He deserved that nomination. But OK, hes young, he will have other opportunity's in his career, and for Sly's this is much more important.
Also, I have to mention music composer Ludwig Göransson. He really knew when to use (bites and pieces of) the original Rocky theme to give CREED some really epic moments.

Anyway, many say that this is the best Rocky movie after the original ROCKY. And yeah, its awesome movie...I loved CREED, every second of it, and I admit, this was very emotional movie for me that had me on the verge of tears several times. But still, when I compare it to other Rocky movies, I prefer ROCKY BALBOA a bit more. BALBOA had a slightly bigger emotional impact on me, and in my book that's the best Rocky movie after original. But CREED sure comes strong on the third place.

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