Fast Five

Fast Five ★★★★½

So...FAST FIVE is definitely a fan favorite among the F&F fans, and many say that this is the best F&F movie! Until couple of days ago, I didn't share that opinion, because I never loved FAST FIVE as many others do. But now after re-watching it...well...I have to say that FAST FIVE is definitely among the better F&F films, although, still not my favorite F&F movie. But who know...maybe I change my mind after I re-watch part 6...maybe I won't love it as much on re-watch...

I have seen this movie twice before...or maybe even three times...not sure now...but I never loved it. I liked it, but never loved it, and it always felt kind of overrated.
The thing that bothered me the most with FAST FIVE was that Diesel vs The Rock fight! I remember being disappointed with that fight when I first watched this, and I was really hyped about it. But IMO, there was just to much close ups, to many cuts, and once they end up in that dark room, I just couldn't make out who's who, because all you could see were outlines of two huge bald muscle men punching each other.
Also, the middle part of the movie always kind of dragged IMO, and it felt kind of slowish!

But...that was how I felt about this movie before. This time it was different. I mean...I still don't love that Rock vs Diesel fight, but I appreciated it more this time around...and this time I didn't have the feeling that the middle part of the film was all. I really liked it this time around...hell, almost loved it!
What I realized this time, FAST FIVE was actually the first movie in the franchise that brought together the whole team...the whole family, and almost the only one that had the really nice happy ending for them all. In part 6 some of them part 7 we say goodbye to Paul Walker, so the ending is bittersweet...and part 8...well, I don't remember how that one ended.

Anyway...FAST FIVE is extremely entertaining and well directed ansamble action movie. The whole crew works perfectly together, and they all have a great chemistry...and The Rock was awesome addition. The intensity of his character is fantastic, and it ads energy of the movie.
Story actually works just fine, and it makes doesn't feel over the top, or unbelievable...they are on the run, and they have to take care of their future and buy their freedom...and robbing a wealthy drug lord just feels like a logical decision for them...dangerous decision, but logical...
The action is intense, and slightly over the top in some moments, with some spectacularly crazy stunts, but it doesn't feel stupidly silly or ridiculous (like in F&F 8 or F9). Exaggerated and unrealistic in some moments...yeah...but ridiculously stupid...not yet! That shit comes in upcoming sequels.
They even thrown in one short, but cool racing scene, although, based on the entire movie, its more than obvious that this franchise has nothing to do with racing anymore. But I don't mind all!

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