Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell ★★½

GHOST IN THE SHELL from 1995. is probably on of the most known and most influential anime's out there, and it was groundbreaking in many ways. It influenced many Hollywood feature movies, movies like THE MATRIX or I, ROBOT and AVATAR, and it has a cult following around the globe for more than two decades now! And then, after two decades, Hollywood decided to make his own live action version, making the fans of the original angry in the proces!

Like many other Hollywood reboots/remakes out three (ROBOCOP, TOTAL RECALL etc.), GHOST IN THE SHELLS feels unnecessary, and it's hard to say why was this movie made. I mean, as I see it, remakes and reboots should serve as na improvement over original material, but how can you "improve" a movie that influenced so many Sci-fi films! What new can you add to the table!? Well, as it seams, with exception of eyecandy, nothing really!

You see, GHOST IN THE SHELL looks fantastic, special effects were top notch, and there was couple of stunning visual/action moments (although nothing groundbreaking and memorable), but then again, I did expect that from a $110 million budget movie! But is that it!? It seams it was, because, other than that, GHOST IN THE SHELL felt! Yeah, IMO that's the best way to describe this movie...lifeless. And that's really ironic considering that original anime deals with the subject of life/ghost/soul in the shell and subject of what it even means to be human. I watched this movie, and I had no feelings whatsoever about what Im watching, and the moment I finished this movie, I basically forgot about it.
Personally, I didn't mind the whole "whitewashing" controversy, simply because I didn't care much about this movie. However, I did have some problems with Scarlett Johansson, but those problems are more of a aesthetic nature. I mean, she is a beautiful woman, and she looked fantastic in all those Marvel movies, and especially in DON JON, but I dunno...there were moments in this film when she looked kind of "bloated" in that "spandex" suit. I know it's a stupid complain, maybe even sexist objection, but I just feel that she didn't looked here best physically speaking. Or at least that suit it was the problem...its hard to say
As for other characters, IMO Batou looked perfect (same as in anime version), and casting of Pilou Asbæk for that role was good idea, and same goes for Takeshi Kitano in role of Aramaki.
Story was more of the same as in the original, with couple of different moments/elements (and some were taken from the sequel, GHOST IN THE SHELL; INNOCENCE), but as I said before, it lacked soul. There was really nothing excited about it...nothing!

But anyway. despite all that, IMO GHOST IN THE SHELL isn't a really, really bad movie, or one of the worst films in 2017...but it's not good either. As I said, it has nice visuals, and it's pretty to watch, but the problem is, it's forgettable and lifeless...

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