Hud ★★★★

Believe it or not, but there is still a lots of classic movies I have not seen yet! And HUD was one o those movies! I stumble upon this movie on HBO Go...although, to be completely honest...based on the cover photo on HBO Go, I mistaken it for HOMBRE, another Paul Newman movie I have not watched yet. And that's why I decided to give it a (HBO)

And I'm glad I did, because HUD turned out to be an awesome movie. This was great character study, and great American modern day cowboy tale about clash of the generations and different opinions, about bad decisions, bad rolemodel, and ultimately, about deeply unsettling father-son conflict!

This movie has beautiful black and white cinematography (even won an Oscar for Best Cinematography back in 1964.), and awesome performances (some of which were also Oscar-winning).
Paul Newman is just fantastic as this arrogant, hard drinking, and womanizing son of a bitch who cares only about himself, and influence mostly badly on lives of people around him.
But Paul is not the only one whole killed it in this movie!. I especially loved Patricia Neal She almost steals every scene she's in, and its no wonder she won an Oscar for this role.

Anyway...HUD is great American classic, and if you didn't see it, I highly recommend it. It's a little bit slower in pace, but, its a 60's movie

PS. HUD ends on a perfect note...(this my be a little bit spoilery)...Hud finally has a perfect opportunity to do a good thing, to finally make a good decision...but, true to his character...he just just waves his hand away and walks away, because as his father said...he doesn't care...about anybody. Just perfect ending for this movie...

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