Police Story

Police Story ★★★★

Martial Arts Movie Tournament: Jackie Chan VS Jet Li VS Donnie Yen!

Jackie Chan 5/10

POLICE STORY is one of the movies from this marathon that I have seen before. Still, it was a long time ago, and the only thing I remembered were all the key action moments and stunts, and that's it.

POLICE STORY starts really big and epic, with a huge action sequence that includes big shootout between the cops and the bad guys, intense chase, some crazy stunts, and destruction of almost entire slum neighborhood. Its really epic opening!
But my main and biggest problem with POLICE STORY is, that after such a energetic and action packed opening, next 30 to 40 minutes is mostly reserved for silly comedy, troubled romance between Jackie and Maggie Cheung, and him having a tough time with the witness he has to protect. Movie totally changes the tone from gritty and intense, and even surprisingly serous tone to silly. And while the slapstick comedy is mostly entertaining, rhythm of the movie slows down to much IMO.
But then, in the last 20 minutes or so, movie really redeem its self for the lack of action in those 30-40 minutes! The finale of POLICE STORY in the Shopping Mall is just crazy as hell! There is a lots of broken glass, and lots of broken bones I guess...and of course, a lots of crazy stunts! Jackie is out of his mind in this sequence, beating guys left and right, and him dropping down the pole is one hell of a stunts! Extremely dangerous!

Anyway, like many other Jackie's movies, POLICE STORY is extremely entertaining movie, and definitely one of Jackie's best movies, but its not my favorite, and IMO, its not the best in the POLICE STORY series. But I will come to that later, when I will reviewing other two POLICE STORY movies.

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