The Legend of Tarzan

The Legend of Tarzan ★★★

Did you know that since the early 1930's there has been over 200 movies about Tarzan (including silent movies), and that over 20 different actors played that character!? I guess that's the longest franchise in the history of filmmaking!
With that kind of (long) history, and so many movies, was there even a possibility for David Yates and his crew to make something new and fresh with that character?

Well...I dunno...I would say "not really". But still, Yates and his crew managed to presents this old-fashioned hero to younger audience and made a solid old school adventure movie wrapped in a new glittering (CGI) package that provides enough drama, humor, action and visual attractions to meet the needs of today's audience that loves to watch (light) fun summer blockbuster  entertainment. And THE LEGEND OF TARZAN is exactly that, light but fun summer blockbuster entertainment.

But this ain't a movie about Tarzan of the apes, king of the jungle who lives deep in the forest. This is a movie about John Clayton, Lord of Greystoke, English nobleman who embraced life in the civilized world and doesn't wanna be Tarzan again, but he will be forced to find that inner animal, and embrace his Tarzan legacy.
IMO the best part of the movie is Alexander Skarsgård. He was great as Tarzan! He had the looks and acting chops. His calm, poised, and even at times "shy" appearance/performance gives the character a certain amount of coolness and mystery, and even vulnerability that completely disappears the moment he transforms into a fearless lord of the jungle!
Samuel L Jackson was fun(ny) enough without being distracting (or annoying), Margot Robbie was beautiful as always and here performance really doesn't make the deference,  and Christoph Waltz...well, he was underwhelming. Its like whenever he play's a bad guy, his performances is more of the same.   

Another thing about THE LEGEND OF TARZAN that doesn't really work, and its IMO is the worst thing about this movie, is CGI and 3D. Well, I hate 3D anyway because it sucks, and I avoid watching movies in 3D, but unfortunately I couldn't avoid this. As for CGI...well..for a movie that apparently cost $180 millions, CGI was really, really poor most of the time. Won't say that it was crappy,  but it sure wasn't worthy of $180 millions. And they used it to much, even in simple scenes where Tarzan is just walking trough the woods, or is standing on the ledge of a mountain. And its not even a real Tarzan in those scenes...even he is CGI. And that bothered me...

Still, considering that I expected this to be nothing more then a huge pile of shit (trailers for this where awful and I wasn't even planing to watch it anytime soon...but I was invited on a press screening), THE LEGEND OF TARZAN turned out to be more then fine. Yeah, its flawed and all that, but I had fun watching it. I know that won't happen since this bombed at the box office, but I wouldn't mind a sequel with less CGI, and maybe smaller in scale.

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