Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★½

Goddamn...this was gooood! Damn good! Look, I won't lie, I was looking forward to this, quite a lot, and I wasn't disappointed. Trailer was good IMO, although movie looked like a typical Statham action flick more than like Guy Ritchie flick. But I didn't mind that because its been a while since I watched a typical Statham action flick. Since he joined the F&F franchise, he only appeared in blockbusters (F&F7, THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS, THE MEG, HOBS & SHAW), so this was a nice return to the roots for him...

But, at the same time this is also a Guy Ritchie flick, so this was definitely more than just a typical Jason Statham action flick...way above that. OK, its not your typical Guy Ritchie flick (and by typical I mean SNATCH, LOCK STOCK..., ROCKNROLLA and THE GENTELMEN), but you can definitely feel his directorial touch here, especially in the way he told this quite simple and well-known story of revenge with the whole back and forth storytelling.

So...as I said, the story is simple...nothing we haven’t seen before. It's about revenge. But Ritchie tells us that story from couple of different angles, and with each angle we get new information, and a new details about the plot and (deferent) characters, so the movie keeps you intrigued almost the entire time...
And then there is music! The music is very atmospheric, and it keeps rising tension trough the movie, creating unsettling and intense atmosphere.
Statham is a beast in this. His performance is top notch...his character is mysterious, yet very coldblooded and stoic, and you can just feel that this is a dangerous dude. Yet, he isn't invincible or something like that. The rest of the cast is also good...especially Josh Hartnett who was surprisingly entertaining here, and Scott Eastwood, who was really convincing as a prick lol. But man...how much he looks like his father!! Its unbelievable! There is a moment in this movie when we see just a close up of his eyes...I immediately think of THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY. Ritchie knew exactly what he's doing when he captured that shot.
Also...I really liked the dialogue here...it was really interesting. Cant really explain it, but I liked it.
And in the end...there's action. Well, this isn't an action packed movie...there is just a couple of short action scenes trough the movie, and the most action actually takes place in the 20-minute finale. But the action is brutal and bloody, and very realistic.

Anyway...Statham and Richie made one really great and intense, dark, dramatic, grim and brutal old school crime action thriller that in a way remind me of HEAT. Its not nearly as good as HEAT, don't get me wrong...but as I said...its goooood! Damn good!

PS. I never watched French original, LE CONVOYEUR, but from what I've read, this wasn't direct remake anyway, but more of re-imagning. But, will have to watch the original myself to see if that's true...

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