Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★

Similar overtones to 'Girls', and in case we don't get it: Adam Driver in the cast to cement the subliminal link. Poor Lena Dunham: she's got nothing now if she ever wants the Big Screen. I guess poor Adam Driver: once you're typecast....well, just ask Colin Firth. Still, I'm not these people's keeper. I'm audience. As such: very, very good.

Which is an anomaly. This film is about taking the wretchedness of ones twenties (years, not dollars), and shining the klieglight on it: the endless soul searching, the money worries, the lonileness, the uncertainty, the self doubt: yikes. The only feel good factor here is the a posteriori one. Boy am I glad I'm past that decade in my life, and no longer scrounging in a dorm. But I actually feeling more good as Frances feels more bad: is this good or bad?