Dark Star ★★★★

John Carpenter's first feature film! It's about a group of disaffected astronauts who drift aimlessly through the cosmos looking for planets to blow up. Perhaps reinforcing Jordan Peele's hypothesis that humor and horror are related, this is possibly the dumbest movie you'll ever see, but in the hands of the horror-meister-to-be, it's also pretty funny.

Also: if you enjoy absolute rock-bottom special effects, this is the film for you. There's an alien that is made of a beach ball with some rubber "monster hands" beneath it, and the film makes no attempt whatsoever to convince you that it's anything more than that.

Beach ball alien also manages to get loose and terrorize people like it's a Xenomorph from Alien. Which is even funnier when you realize that this script was written by the same guy who later wrote Alien.

The first few minutes are a bit slow, but hang in there, because it will get unspeakably silly soon enough. If you're looking for some stupid fun, you could do much worse.

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